CCC Senior

Oct 10, 2022 · 1 min read
CCC Senior

What is CCC?

Cited from CCC official website:
“The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is a fun challenge for students with an interest in programming. Designed to be both accessible to students with some programming experience and to challenge the keenest programmers at the secondary-school level, the CCC helps students build confidence and grow their ability to design, understand and implement algorithms.”


5 questions with 15 marks for each question. Full mark: 15*5=75.

Who are invited to CCO?

“Approximately 20 of the top senior participants from the CCC are invited to the Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO) at the University of Waterloo.”

Recognition of CCC

Cited from Contest Awards and Recognition:
“While the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is not an admission requirement to University of Waterloo Math, we encourage you to participate as high marks will be an asset for your admission into the School of Computer Science.”

Programming Languages To Be Used

Any will do. Three recommended:

Course Syllabus

  1. Data Structure
    • Array and Linked List
    • Set, Map, Hash Table
    • 2D/3D Matrix
    • Stack and Queue
    • Tree
      • Binary Tree
      • Binary Search Tree
    • Heap
    • Graph
    • Minimum Distance, BFS, DFS, Recursions, etc.
  2. CCC Past Contests: year 2010 onwards
    • Question 1 and 2
    • Question 3
    • Some Question 4 and 5

Student Requirements and Course Length

Student Requirements Training Target Course Length
Passed CCC Junior Waterloo Honor Roll 18 weeks

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